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Connecting with an Update Pending

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That is a long subject, but anything shorter wouldn’t work.

So I ran into this thing where every time I hooked my iPhone to my computer, I’d get a connection failed message, from the macOS and from iMazing.  Very frustrating, because there was no indication as to why the connection failed.  Well after a week or so, I let the iOS 11.2.5 update install, and then voila, the Phone could connect to the Mac again!

I actually had that happen before, but that time didn’t make the connection with the iOS update.

Bottom line:  I had no idea that a pending OS update would prevent connecting the device to the Mac.  Is this common knowledge that I just missed?

BTW, by “pending” I mean that the update had been downloaded (no, I didn’t tell it to do so!), it wouldn’t go overnight because I don’t leave the Phone on the power at night, and I kept avoiding running the update during the day.


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