Grief installing latest security update for El Capitan

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Grief installing latest security update for El Capitan

Dr Digby L. James
I often don’t get round to installing updates for several weeks. I did my MacBook Pro last week without issue. On Monday I thought it time to update this 2013 MacPro. On restart I got a black screen, with nothing else. I left it overnight, having read online that these things can take some time. Still no sign of activity yesterday morning. A forced restart game the same. Booted from an external and the machine came to life. Thought it was time to have a clean install, so installed El Capitan onto another external. Everything went well until I applied the most recent security update. This time it got as far as the login. But after entering my password is sat there with the spinning pinwheel. Further investigation suggest deleting .csstore files. Sadly, worked on the new install, but not the internal drive. Decided perhaps it was time to move up (somewhat late) to Sierra (still not sure how much of my needed software High Sierra will break). Installed on the external and all went well. Tried to install on the internal and it wasn’t happy with the installer I’d downloaded in September. Booted into the externals recovery partition and reinstalled on the internal from there. Worked! Worried about the latest security update, but that worked too. Deleting the .csstore files (I kept a copy just in case) appears to have done nothing harmful and has recovered 100GB.

I’m sure I’ll find some software that I haven’t used for ages has now stopped working, but the important one (InDesign 5) still works (it’s that that holds me back from High Sierra).

Who knows why the first attempt didn’t work. I’m posting this to encourage anyone else who comes across this problem that the world has not come to an end and that there is probably a solution somewhere.

Now to catch up on three days work . . .

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