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Odd Mail behaviour?

Bill Taylor
Hello All!

Most times, when I try and launch Mail, the main inbox window displays incomplete messages?  

While I can see the name and the subject of a message, the actual content or body of the message that should be appearing in the horizontal listing of the message, is missing.

The program opens up connections to check all my email address, but yet seems to hang?

As luck would have it, my tech Apple support that was part of this then new computer, has expired.  

I end up having to force quit the Mail application, and start again.  Often times, I’m faced with the same, stuck Mail program.  It’s not uncommon for this take 5 or 6 attempts, by which time I can usually get into Mail.

Any ideas of what I can do to resolve this?

Those times when I’m able to access Mail normally, I try and use the ‘Rebuild’ common under the Mailbox menu.  I’m still unsure if this ‘Rebuild' action helps this problem?

… how I long for the days when we had Eudora, as was such an amazing program I can’t believe it was discontinued.

Bill Taylor

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